Some cool music videos

I found this 16 bit cover of Plumtree's Scott Pilgrim. It sounds pretty cool and I might use it.

This one here is the awesomest song. I found it on one of my dad's cds.

Alright. Back to work maybe.

I should start posting on this again.
I'll start with posting some new videos.

English Class with Jerry.
Made for the Shakespear Make a Scene competition. It will end in a week, so vote. Tim made it in a night and we voiced it the next day.

Flints Island Trailer.
Tim's big movie which is probably almost finished.

The Sexydate episodes.
We were going to make 4 of these for media, but kind of never made that many. We got two though and they are alright.

Havn't made a video this whole holidays

Too busy playing x-box and smash bros to bother doing any flash. Tim is away in Augusta, so I don't know if he brang a computer or laptop. Once I get back to school, there will probably be a lot more videos showing up. As for now I am in a slump.
Next video will be a series hopefully.
I am still trying to figure out what characters will look like.
Anyway, Tim looks like he is doing some awesome 3D stuff.

I'll leave you with this heartwarming video:


Fat Guntah on TV

I just saw the first 2 minutes of our winning film on ABC1 Rollercoaster. I was pretty annoyed that Elliot forgot to agknowlege Tim, but played all of his part. And I told them not to play the first 2 minutes, because that is the part where people lose interest.
Anyway, i'm glad he agknowleged the rest of the movie and told people to look at it on the site.
I'll be putting it on here as soon as I rip it off the video tape that I recorded it on.

The weirdest advert I have ever seen

Yes, thats right. 3 minutes of solid dancing.

Apparently it's a real Japanese advert for de blob.
Its awsome